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    The First B20 Fuel in the World


    BANDUNG-The type of B20 fuel developed by ESDM Ministry is the first fuel mix in the world. According to Edhi Wibowo head of sub directorate and supervision of Business Services Bio Energy Directorate General of New and Renewable Energy and Energy conservation in ESDM Ministry, a mixture of 20% bio-diesel has never been done in any other country.

    “B20 is origin from Indonesia. It means that there has never any other country made this. Mostly countries just mix it below of 20 percent the bio-diesel,” he said in Bandung, Thursday (4/2).

    From the results of research and development for more than two years, it has proven that B20 is a mixture of 80% diesel and 20% palm oil processed with no significant changing in the vehicle.

    "It's been proven that there is no problem found on the vehicle after did the road-test for hundreds kilometres to cities throughout Java and Bali," he said.

    With the successful development of B20, Indonesia can be a pioneer in the development of bio-diesel in the world.





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