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    Ciletuh Geopark Gonna Be National Geoprak in 2016


    BANDUNG-Head of Tourism and Culture (Disparbud) West Java Province, Nunung Sobari said it expects that Ciletuh Geopark tourism destination became the National Geopark in 2016 and became the International Geopark in 2017.

    To make Geopark Ciletuh as the International and National Geopark, Disparbud West Java Province heavily publication and promotion of the Geopark Ciletuh through activities Ciletuh Geopark Festival (CGF) in 2015 which will be held in mid-November 2015.

    “CGF is an event that supports for the realization of Geopark Ciletuh as National and International Geopark. It is expected to become the National Geopark in 2016 and the International Geopark in 2017,” said Nunung Sobari in the preparation meeting of CGF 2015 at Disparbud Office Building, West Java, LLRE Martadinata Street No. 209, Bandung, Thursday (15/10 ).

    The first requirement established by UNESCO to become the International Geopark is having biological diversity and it has been fulfilled. Second is having biodiversity, and it has also been fulfilled. Thirdly is cultural diversity. "I think this has been fulfilled, since there is kacapi flute, kawih, jaipongan, processions, ceremonies and the arts kalangenan, that entertain themselves," he said.

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