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    Improving the Quality of CSA, Ministry of Empowerment of State Apparatus and Bureaucracy Reform Invites Telkom University


    BANDUNG-Kementeri Empowerment of State Apparatus and Bureaucracy Reform (Kemenpan RB) sent the Head of State Administration Institute (LAN) to review Telkom University directly to study the training model for Civil State Apparatus (ASN). The goal is to adopt a training model to be applied among ASNs.

    Menpan RB Asman Abnur said, the reason for the selection of Telkom because the company engaged in the telecommunications business became one of the corporations medunia.

    "First we see that the Indonesian people are managed by human resources halfway and therefore we are hooking the international level company that is Telkom," said Menpan RB after reviewing Gedung Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (23/1/2018)

    Mempan appealed for the state to be managed by human resources ready to face modern challenges. It can even be said today's challenge. The reason, the government as the state organizer must collaborate with the corporation.

    The government must advance in managing this country. For that, continued Asman, the government through the state administration agency will adopt a system run by the coorporate Telkom University by organizing training for the State Civil Apparatus (ASN).

    "So there is no more gap between business and government," said Menpan.

    Asman hopes that the training model owned by the corporation can be used as a training model in ASN. In addition, with the training model ranging from pre-service system to PIM 1 has been following the times now.

    "I aspire to the LAN so that there will be ASN Coorporate University and this training model is the hallmark of ASN," said Asman.

    Meanwhile, in addition to adopting the training model of ASN Telkom University, Kemenpan RB has also conducted a comparative study to France and apparently has similarities with the model produced by the work of the country's children.

    "We study the appeal to France and it turns out the same training model.Imay not lose with this Telkom Cooporate model," he concluded (MAT)

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