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    Hundreds of damaged houses were hit by 6.1 SR earthquake in Banten and West Java


    BANDUNG-Earthquake magnitude 6.1 SR with epicenter in the Indian Ocean with a depth of 64 km is 43 km southwest of Lebak Regency of Banten Province on 23/1/2018 at 13:34 pm.

    The earthquake is not a potential tsunami. Earthquake shocks are felt in the areas of Jakarta, Banten, Lampung, West Java, and Central Java. The intensity of the earthquake was felt in Jakarta, South Tengerang, Bogor IV-V MMI; Bandung, Purwakarta II-III MMI, Kebumen II-III MMI, Kebumen II MMI, Lampung II MMI.

    The areas of Jakarta, South Tangerang and Bogor felt the quake shocks felt by IV-V MMI (mild to moderate) caused the community to scatter out buildings and houses.

    Thus the release disclosed Sutopo Purwo Nugroho
    Head of Information Data and Public Relations Center of BNPB, received by editor of jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (23/1) afternoon.

    Sutopo further explained, people who are in offices, apartments, hotels and high buildings feel the shock so hard to panic and scattered out the building. They gather in some safe places.

    The BNPB post has confirmed the impact of the earthquake to BPBD. Based on the interim report:

    1.The quake is felt very strong in Banten for 10 seconds. People are panicking out of the house. Some houses and buildings were damaged.
    2.The earthquake was felt strongly in the Jakarta area, especially the people residing in the multi-storey building. The quake shock is felt for 10-15 seconds. People panicked and scattered out of the building.
    3. Earthquakes are felt strong for 5-10 seconds in West Java.
    4. Earthquake felt weak to moderate in some areas of Central Java for 5 seconds. No panic. People stay normal.
    5. Earthquakes are felt weak to moderate in southern Lampung.

    Based on temporary data, hundreds of homes were damaged by the earthquake. In Kabupaten Cianjur, 6 students were seriously injured and 2 students were slightly injured due to collapsed roof tiles at SMK Tenggeung Tanggeung Sub-district, Cianjur Regency, West Java.

    There is also one heavily damaged house in Tanggeung Village and 1 heavily damaged house in Pagermaneuh Village.

    In Sukabumi District there are 9 lightly damaged houses, 1 medium damaged house, 1 heavily damaged mosque, and 2 public health facilities are lightly damaged.

    In Bogor regency, there are several damaged houses and buildings in Kecamatan Sukajaya, Kecamata Nanggung, Megamendung Subdistrict, Caringin Subdistrict, and Cijeruk District.

    A total of 7 houses were severely damaged and 5 houses were slightly damaged. The data will increase because it is estimated that there are still damaged buildings.

    In Pandeglang there is a CMBBS Pandeglang High School Hall collapsed and some houses were damaged, there were no casualties.
    In Banten there are 115 houses damaged, 1 mosque damaged and 1 puskesmas damaged.

    BPBD together with other elements still do data collection impact of damage caused by earthquake 6.1 SR. The impact of the damage will increase with the data collected.

    People are encouraged to be calm. Do not be hooked on the misleading issues that there will be a larger aftershocks. Science and technology has not been able to predict the earthquake with certainty. South Java region is prone to earthquakes and lonely earthquakes occur so large that must be wary of. When you feel the shock of the earthquake immediately out of the house or looking for safe places.

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