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    Holding Tiban 15th, Anne Avantie Shares Tips to West Java SMEs


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government through Local Crafts Council (Dekranasda) West Java held a seminar of SMEs and Creative Industry Performer with Anne Avantie, with the theme "Never Never Tired More Give Up", in West Hall Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (22/01) . Anne Avantie is a famous Indonesian fashion designer through his cultural works.

    Chairman of Dekranasda Jabar Netty Heryawan said, the seminar which was the beginning of the series of tiban market exhibition to 15th held on 23-28 January 2018 at Mall 23 Paskal Bandung, dedicated to the community and new entrepreneurs in the field of fashion. A total of more than 400 participants attended from various communities and organizations in West Java.

    "This seminar is dedicated to the community, especially the fashion community, including entrepreneurs, because the West Java provincial government has a number of programs, one of which is to print 100,000 new entrepreneurs," said Netty met after the event.

    "Alhamdulillah, the participants are very booming, from various communities and organizations, such as IWAPI of West Java, Indonesian Muslim Entrepreneurs Association (IPEMI), Moslem Clothing Design Institute, Jabar fashion community, including new entrepreneurs who become Mr. Governor's program at the Department of Industry and Commerce, "he continued.

    At this seminar, Anne Avantie who is familiarly called Mother Anne advised to always treat every opportunity like gold. She told me that herself who only graduated from junior high school and did not feel at all in college, never felt that there was no chance for him to succeed. But thanks to the guidance and care of his mother's extraordinary, Mother Anne is able to capture every 'gold' that exists and stands on the success.

    Much love has passed through Mother Anne during her 28 years of career. He also claimed not infrequently other fashion manufacturers market the fashion model that 'inspired' from his work. But Mother Anne was not discouraged. For him, it is his own pleasure to be able to share his knowledge, even if it means adding rivals and threatening his popularity in the fashion world. More specifically he emphasizes that he does not mind the plagiarism of the fashion producers, because he is confident will be able to design a new model that makes audiences loyal to the product.

    "Be careful in thinking, be careful in saying, and be careful in taking steps, make sure every opportunity is treated like gold," said Mother Anne motivate. "Do not ever stingy science, just give it in. Remember, the tail is never in front, always in the back Do not be afraid of being preceded by what always follows us," he said straightforwardly.

    In addition, Mother Anne also explicitly describes the correct tips to develop UMKM products through branding, in the hope of creating a common understanding of the steps that must be taken business actors, resulting in a significant impact on the growth of creative economy.

    "Though this 'Sangkuriang exhibition' which took place in two days of preparation, I believe it will have a tremendous impact when we are united, and we state after returning from this place is to try to review what I have said, .

    Complementing, Netty hopes inspiration and motivation from Mother Anne can be a trigger for seminar participants in boosting potential in West Java, so it can impact on the settlement of social problems in the community. "With the inspiration given by Mrs. Anne Avantie we hope that the potential in West Java can be diljitkan, and of course in turn will be able to solve the social problems that occur today in the community, and at the last point equally we expect that we do today can be a leverage for the presence of prosperity in the community of West Java, "Netty said.

    Copy On Netty

    There is something different about this seminar, which is moderated by Netty. Mother Anne admitted, this is the first time to be a resource at the seminar hosted by the number one companion in a particular area, when generally officials associated with him always difficult to find. For Mother Anne, Netty is a role model in bridging government with business actors.

    "28 years of my career, the first time this is moderated by the wife of the wife of the governor.Now I can patrun like this, I will tell elsewhere.There is a new so it's hard to contact, if it is submitted to the aide difficult to ketemunya, ultimately making this inspiration stalled, "said Anne." Ms Netty became a role model for entrepreneurs to be able to have bridges with their men, just as Ms Netty bridged the government with business actors, "he said.

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