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    Rastra this year only 10 kg per Family


    BANDUNG - Starting this year Rastra or prosperous rice is given free of charge to the recipients as part of social assistance program, so that his name becomes Rastra Bansos.

    Not only changed the name, the amount of rice received was also reduced. Last year each family head received 15 kg redeemed at a price of Rp1.600 per kg. This year only received 10 kg per family, but free.

    Dede, a KBB who attended the launching of Bansos Rastra at Gedung Sate was a recipient of this new program. He said he was happy with the free rice.

    "Last year Nebus, now free, but the amount is reduced only 10 kg," he said. With the number of families as many as 4 people, according to him for a month need 20 kg of rice. So the rest must buy. "Last year was enough-cukipin, 15 kg, it's right," he said.

    While Head of Bulog Jabar Sugit Tedjo said last year the people received the literature and immediately paid, but now they get free. While Bulog received payment through the program of Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT).

    "So the public receives Rp110.000 monthly fund, and it bought rice, the name of social assistance," he said. He hopes the distribution of BPNT is smooth so that the payment process of purchasing this rasta bansos can also smoothly. Jo

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