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    Indonesia Stock Exchange Invites Big Entered Enterprises


    BANDUNG- President Director of Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI), Tito Sulistio appealed to big companies that open their business in Indonesia to conduct Initial Public Offering (IPO) and floor on the stock.

    Tito further said that there are 22 companies with large capacity which from the past has exploited the natural wealth of Indonesia and produce various products, we have asked by letter to floor on the stock.

    "Companies that have been exploiting our natural wealth, producing all kinds of products and then enjoyed by consumers, especially the people of Indonesia, remember the country dong and remember its customers," he said.

    According to Tito, by flooring on the exchange will provide the country where the company is to raise the market and its customers get a chance to enjoy the company.

    "It's time, income distribution through ownership as well as transparency, a lot of tuh, Teh Botol (Sosro), Wing Group, Fire Ship, Garuda Food," said Tito, at Market Outlook 2018 event in Lembang, KBB, Sunday (21/1) .

    Tito added that of the 22 big companies, it could have market capitalization of up to Rp 2,000 trillion and the opportunity to invite the company to float on the floor of potential exchanges, where the majority of companies are family companies and is currently the second generation that is controlling the corporation.

    "We know that companies that have jumbo market capitalization always feel they do not need an injection of funds, including from the capital market, but we are trying to make them willing to market so that market capitalization in the market can be good," he said. (Parno)

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