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    West Java Coffee is Welcoming Lintas Nusantara Entourage


    BANDUNG - The extraordinary and full-powered ambassadors (LBBP) of the Republic of Indonesia, Consul General and Consul of the Republic of Indonesia are welcomed with the special scent of West Java coffee, Arabica Coffee originating from Waringin and Gambung.

    In the monitoring team jabarprov.go.id entourage activities Lintas Nusantara enjoy original coffee originating from West Java.

    In his speech, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan explained that one of the potentials of West Java Province is coffee. Based on 74 samples in the international class contest, 20 of the highest samples were selected and six of them were from West Java, one of them was from Puntang Mountain.

    "The good coffee is not milled coffee, I'm afraid if we do not see the process of grinding, has reduced its authenticity," said Aher in his speech at Sangga Buana Room, Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (22/01/2018).

    Aher optimistic that West Java can become one of the largest and best coffee producers in the world because now the West Java Provincial Government is focusing to produce and develop coffee. If there are investors who enter, coffee plantation potential still there are 100 thousand hectares of land again.

    The participants of the Lintas Nusantara entourage assess the exposure given by Governor Aher is very comprehensive and they are ready to help West Java Provincial Government to promote the potential of West Java. (yud-cip)

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