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    West Java No Need to Import Rice


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan asserted that if the rice stock in West Java suffices up to three not forward and even surplus, then there is no need for imported rice into the Jabar region.

    "I affirm that imported rice does not need to West Java, the condition is enough stocks, I asked Bulog, stock of reserve rice for next three months," he said in the launch of Bansos Rastra 2018 at Gedung Sate on Monday (22/1).

    He said nationally imports are still needed, because not all regions are able to produce rice even up to surplus. So imports to other areas, but not for West Java.

    Meanwhile, Head of Bulog Jabar M. Sugit Tedjo asserted that currently the stock of rice in Bulog warehouse is still sufficient. "Our stock is still enough for the next three months," he said.

    In addition he also confirmed that there is currently no information related to the import of rice into West Java. "Even if there is, this imported rice will be a reserve only, for stock," he said. Jo

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