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    2020 Bogor Botanical Garden Targeted To Be World Heritage


    BOGOR CITY-The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) proposes the Bogor Botanical Garden (KRB) to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Targeted in 2020 the plan can be realized because KRB save a lot of historical value (history).

    "We are targeting the end of January to be proposed to UNESCO, if it is proposed then UNESCO will check all documents, so it must settle a year before nomination. Targeted in 2020 can be realized, "said LIPI Deputy of Life Sciences, Enny Sudarmonowati in the Focus Group Discussion event of Bogor Botanical Gardens became World Heritage in Rafflesia Room, Conservation Building, PKT Kebun Raya, LIPI, Ir. H. Juanda, City of Bogor, Monday (22/01/2018).

    He therefore requested all commitments, including written support after the event to all relevant stakeholders, including the Bogor City Government. According to why Bogor Botanical Gardens need to be a world heritage because it has historical value (historical values) and has a natural beauty (nature).

    "If it has become an automatic world heritage can save the Bogor Botanical Garden from the threat, let alone the Bogor Botanical Garden more can be offered than SBG (Singapore Botanic Garden) also has selling value in terms of promotion and cooperation and income as ecotourism," he said.

    Bogor Botanical Gardens has always been very useful, not only for the people of Bogor but also for West Java, Indonesia and even for the world. Bogor Botanical Garden also has 2 criteria as World Heritage Site of 10 criteria, namely criteria shows the exchange of human values ??that are important within a certain timeframe or in the world cultural area on the development of architecture or technology, monumental art, urban design or landscape design ( criterion 2) and be an outstanding example of the type of building, architecture or landscape technology that describes (a) a significant stage in human history (criterion 4).

    "2 criteria that we decide to be submitted to UNESCO, actually Indonesia can submit 10 criteria, but all back to support and supporting documents," said Enny.

    He requested the support of Bogor City Government, especially the commitment in the form of Spatial Plan of Spatial Planning (RTRW) which is not changed until whenever and equally guarding Bogor Botanical Garden with certain zonation, then make the Regional Regulation (Perda) governing the transportation, ).

    "I agree what Mr. Wali said, so it is not only prepared in it, but also outside," he explained.

    Enny rate if the Bogor Botanical Gardens officially made a world heritage, it will be a special attraction for tourists, both local and international. So not only the Bogor Botanical Gardens will develop other sectors will also be developed. He invites all to change the paradigm that Bogor Botanical Gardens not only green and cool but there are other benefits, such as the benefits of plants for treatment because in the Bogor Botanical Gardens where the research and planted many medicinal plants.

    "So Bogor Botanical Gardens should be made Public Sphere or how people flock to come to the Botanical Gardens for certain activities," he concluded. (SZ-Indra)

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