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    West Java Parliament Reviewing Ex-Gafatar


    CIMAHI - The rank of West Java Legislative Council (DPRD) put attention on ex-Gafatar condition. They reviewed directly to the ex-Gafatar who accommodated by Social Department of West Java in Cimahi, Wednesday (3/2).

    The rank of West Java Legislative Council (DPRD) were West Java Council (DPRD) chairman
    Ine Purwadewi Sundari, West Java Council (DPRD) vice chairman Haris Yuliana, West Java Commission V Council (DPRD) Syamsul Bahri, vice chairman of commission V Yomanius Untung, and some member of West Java Council (DPRD).

    A review of the ex-Gafatar was ended with evaluation of ex-Gafatar handling by the West Java Commission V Legislative Council (DPRD).

    Ine directly monitored the entire location which accommodate the ex-Gafatar. Ine and the group also interviewed several members of ex-Gafatar.

    From these conversations that monitored jabarprov.go.id, revealed a various reasons they joined as Gafatar members, which was to improve their life by moving to West Kalimantan.

    Meanwhile, Ine in a separate statement to reporters on the sidelines of the event said her expectation that coaching given will involve all parties and sectors. The assistance given should be continued which not confined to the shelter merely.


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