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    Len Industries Build Solar Power Plant at Trans Toll Road


    BANDUNG-PT Len Industri (Persero) in synergy with SOE Construction, PT Hutama Karya (Persero) to build solar power plant (PLTS) in Trans Toll Road Sumatera segment Bakauheni - Terbanggi Besar, Lampung, which was inaugurated by President Jokowi today, Sunday (21/01).

    PLTS in this Trans Sumatera toll road, precisely built in Bakauheuni Selatan toll gate area which has 46 kWp capacity on grid system equipped with battery that will supply electricity for toll gates and operational office of toll road management.

    "We are synergizing our fellow SOEs in Lampung, PLTS is aimed at saving and utilizing environmentally friendly energy, PLTS is able to save 20% -50% electricity bill," said President Director Len Zaky Gamal Yasin at Inauguration of Bakauheni Toll Road, Lampung, Sunday (21/01).

    From the release of PT Len, PLTS has become a priority power plant in the world and is used in many facilities including housing, airports, tourist areas, ports, including toll roads and used by electric power companies to be one of the latest efficient power source.

    "Hutama Karya will utilize the surrounding land along the toll road for PLTS, Gas, Plantation and Telecommunication Networks, PLTS is renewable energy (energy of the future) which can be used as energy efficiency and reserve, we are happy to cooperate with Len to build PLTS and maximize the potential which is around the highway "said Director of Hutama Karya I Gusti Ngurah Putra.

    "After investing, building and operating PLTS in Kupang in 2015 with the capacity of 5 MW which is also the largest in Indonesia, Len will continue to develop the concept of renewable energy with PLTS to reduce dependence on fossil energy by making the most of the material available in Indonesia. the achievement of 35,000 MW of electricity quickly achieved in accordance with government policy "added Zaky. (Pun)

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