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    West Java Provincial Government Strives Chicken Meat Prices Back to Normal


    BANDUNG- Striking action to sell chicken meat traders officially canceled. Rapid NGOs and West Java Provincial Government appealed to retailers to keep selling. West Java provincial government also ensures sufficient supply of chicken meat.

    Plt. Head Disperindag Jabar Hening Widiatmoko said chicken meat prices in some areas have started to fall and ranged between Rp 33,000 to Rp 35,000 per kg.

    "If the city of Bandung is expensive because it is the area to sell, there are no breeders, but supplied from Bandung regency, Garut and Ciamis, but in other areas have agreed to sell Rp 33,000," he said Friday.

    He pointed out in Cianjur, retailers, bookies and breeders have a dialogue and agreed to keep selling with a maximum selling price of Rp 33,000 per kg. So all can be done as long as there is good coordination from upstream to downstream in the chicken meat distribution chain.

    He emphasized that people do not have to worry because the stock of chicken meat is still sufficient and even surplus. So in the next few days the price will return to normal.

    "If in the city of Bandung, which is not a meat supplier, only selling, the price up to Rp 35,000 I think the limit is reasonable, if the district is expensive, but will be kept down," he said.

    For traders he also appealed to keep selling and not affected by the appeal strike. Silence even firmly stated. If anyone forces to strike, his party will give a firm action under applicable law. Jo

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