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    There Should Be a Chicken Warehouse


    BANDUNG- Chain distribution broiler chicken trade is not too complicated, but if the price is expensive as it is today, because of the upstream of the breeders fix the price of chicken pieces are quite high.

    Plt. Kadisperindag Jabar Hening Widiatmoko mention the distribution chain begins from the breeder, which then distributed to the collectors or dealers and last to retailers, before the public consumed.

    "The chain is simple, unlike rice, but it is expensive in the upstream, breeders are indeed rising," he said on Friday (19/1).

    According to Hening, people prefer fresh meat instead of frozen meat. Though according to him the same. But these conditions affect the selling price a lot.

    "If fresh chicken, the price is certainly more expensive than the frozen, but it feels the same.Now in the future there should be a storage warehouse for meat storage.This is at the point of the airport.If there are, people can choose, the price of frozen meat would be cheaper," he said.

    This warehousing system of trade management must be realized, especially for the distribution chain in the middle or collectors and dealers.

    He believes prices will soon go down, because if expensive then consumers will not buy chicken meat and switch to beef or fish instead. If so then ranchers, dealers and retailers will lose, because no one buys.

    "So all parties must be equally understand, consumers will also buy off if expensive, if the price is too expensive they can choose beef only.If no one buys, retailers also do not dare to sell, the airport can not send, all losses," he said . Jo

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