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    Clean! Pangandaran Beach Now Free Blue Tent


    BANDUNG- The collaboration of West Java Provincial Government and Pangandaran Regency has created West and East Coast Pangandaran free of street vendors (PKL) as of January 2018.

    In this case, the active role and contribution of West Java Provincial Government is dominant when building four Shopping Building units each three floors high, which is now a relocation of 1,300 street vendors who have been occupying the beach with blue tents.

    West Java Provincial Government provides budget for land procurement and development of tourism market while the rest comes from Pemkab Pangandaran.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said he was very grateful because Pangandaran Beach has become a clean beach from the circulation of street vendors who had been quite blocking the beach lips as well as the beauty of tourist charm.

    "We are grateful for our long-standing aspirations to want Pangandaran and other beaches to be a clean beach from street vendors, because 100 meters of shoreline is measured when the tide is truly state-owned, there can be no building what we want and it has been done in Pangandaran, "said Aher in Bandung, Thursday (18/1/2018).

    Aher said the policy is in line with his desire to make Pangandaran Beach as a world-class tourist. At the same time become more attractive and equal tourist attractions popular beach tourist destinations in various directions such as those in Bali.

    Therefore, he continued, the duration of stay and the allocation of groceries or souvenirs made will be greater so that the economic rolls of the community until the local revenue (PAD) will increase itself.

    Moreover, simultaneously, public facilities supporters continue to be built West Java provincial government. The latest is the first stone laying Regional General Hospital (RSUD), the construction of nine puskemas, to Unpad campus in Pangandaran.

    In addition, the arrangement also becomes important because the Governor of West Java has just signed SK Pangandaran into Special Economic Zone (KEK). Even Pangandaran is most ready because it has available land area of ??196 hectares.

    According to Aher, SEZ approval by the Ministry of Tourism is expected before the middle of this year. In addition to in accordance with the work plan of the West Java Provincial Government, also will turn on the economy of society widely.

    "PAD local community will rise, especially on the other side, from the side of the facility continues to be built After Bocimi Toll, Cigatas Toll plans, hope to add Cigatasran, Cileunyi Garut Tasikmalaya Pangandaran because it entered the blue book," he said.

    Separately, Pangandaran Regent Jeje Wiradinata told reporters that after beach traders were relocated and beaches were cleared from blue tents, the local government would design the Pangandaran Beach area to be more attractive.

    "If it is clean from blue tents, the coastal area will be beautiful and interesting," he said.

    Arranging the coast become more comfortable for visitors is very important, especially Pangandaran never deserted from tourists.

    Jeje said, there are about 3 million visitors who come to tourist attractions in Pangandaran in 2017 yesterday. "If in one person visitors can spend 200 thousand only, has 600 billion of money spinning in Pangandaran," he said.

    In addition, Jeje Wiradinata added, local governments have budgeted no small cost in the arrangement. Although many pros and cons on the policy of the arrangement of the area since two years ago, finally the stage of the implementation of relocation can be done.

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