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    IndonesiaNEXT Increases Student Expertise


    BANDUNG-Director of Human Capital Management Telkomsel Irfan A. Tachrir explained that IndonesiaNEXT is a certification program aimed at increasing capacity and preparing students' skills in facing more competitive global competition.

    Taking the theme of "Get Ready to Be The Next", the program is presented to meet the competitive needs of an increasingly competitive professional world, where certification is one of the students' capital when entering the workforce.

    "IndonesiaNEXT 2017 is filled with a series of seminar events that inspire students, competency training, and closing with national and international certification examination programs," Irfan told reporters in Bandung on Thursday (1/18/2010)

    Participants who are students from various majors and levels of college education participated in an inspirational seminar that presents speakers from business practitioners who have been successful in their field.

    This seminar is expected to open the participants' insight to understand the importance of quality improvement and resource competency.

    "With this seminar is expected to improve the competence of human resources in Indonesia," (MAT)

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