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    Governor Strengthen The Core Committee of PON XIX and Peparnas XV 2016


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan confirmed the structure organisation and core committee National Sports XIX and Peparnas XV 2016, Wednesday (10/2) at the West Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung. The inauguration held by decree of the Chairman of KONI No. 16 of 2016.

    The composition of the Core Committee of PB PON XIX and Peparnas XV 2016 in West Java, namely: 

    Chief Executive : Dr. Iwa Karniwa; 
    Deputy Chief Executive : Drs. Aaron H.Arifin Kartasaputra; 
    Chairman I : H. Achdiat Supratman. S, SH; 
    Vice Chairman I : Dr. Abas Basari; 
    Chairman II : Prof. Dr. Deny Juanda Puradimaja, DEA; 
    Vice Chairman II : Ir. Epi Kustiawan, MP; 
    Chairman III : Dr.H.Muhamad Solihin, M.Si; 
    Vice Chairman III : Dr.H.Ruddy Gandakusumah, SH, MH; 
    Chairman IV : H. Pery Soeparman SH, MH, M.Si; 
    Vice Chairman IV : Ir. Imam Budi Hartono;
    General Secretary : Dr.H.Ahmad Hadadi; 
    Secretary I for Legal Affairs and Cooperation : Dr.Ir.Dicky Saromi, M.Sc; 
    Secretary II for Secretariat Division : Drs.H.Daud Achmad; 
    Secretary III for Management of Goods : Drs.H.Mohamad Soedjayana Arifin, MM; 
    Secretary IV for Field Control and Reporting : Hj. Tati Iriani, SH, MH; 
    General Treasurer : Ucup Yusuf, S. Sos, M.Si; 
    Deputy Treasurer : H.Emed Taryaman, SE, MM.

    Chairman of the PON match : Dr.H.Yudha Munajat Saputra, M.Ed; 
    Chairman of the Peparnas match : Riadi, SKM, MPH; 
    Chairman of the Match Infrastructures : Ir. Bambang Rianto, M.Sc; 
    Chairman of the Road Infrastructure : Dr.Ir.Drs.H.M.Guntoro, MM; 
    Head of Transportation : Dr. H. Dedi Taufik Kurohman, M.Sc; 
    Head of Human Resources : Ir.H.Sumarwan Hadisoemarto; 
    Head of Accommodation and Consumption : Dr. H. Dudi Sudrajat Abdurachim, MT; 
    Head of the Health Sector : dr. Hj. Alma Lucyati, M.Si, MH, M.Kes; 
    Head of the Ceremony : Drs.Nunung Sobari, MM; 
    Head of Regional Relations and Protocol : Taufiq Dr. Ir. H. Mohammad Budi Santoso, M.Soc, Sc; Head of Marketing, Fund and Business : Dr.Hening Widiatmoko, MA; 
    Head of Information and Communication Technology : Dr. H. Anton Gustoni, SH, MM; 
    Head of Broadcasting and Media Services : Dr.H.Dadang Suharto, SH, MM; and 
    Head of Security: West Java Deputy Police Chief (Wakapolda)

    West Java Governor in his speech asked the committee confirmed to perform their tasks as well as possible. "The budget of PON and Peparnas is fairly large. It has been issued from the West Java budget as much as trillions of rupiah. Therefore, the committee was asked to succeed this with four keys of success,” the governor begged.

    The large costs must be accounted and one of our responsibility is perform towards West Java as the general winner,” added the governor.

    After the inauguration, West Java Governor did a review of four-wheel drive car with titled a message of PON and Peparnas. There are 19 pieces of four-wheeled vehicles that will be mobile around to socialise PON and Peparnas, of which are used by the PR of PB PON/Peparnas.

    The inauguration ceremony was also attended by Vice Chairman of the Central Sports Committee, Suwarno, Chairman of the MCI Centre, Chairman of West Java Parliament Ineu Purwadewi and Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar.

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