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    Company Dispose of Waste into Citarum River, Removed its business License


    Karawang-District Government Karawang with Citarum River Sector Command Team from Siliwangi District III held a Meeting & Socialization Arrangement of Citarum River at Floor III Singaperbangsa Building which was attended by all Muspida, Head of Regional Device, Head of Village, Village Head, Environmental Activist, Lovers Environment Falkirk, Etc.

    In this activity Regent Karawang dr. Hj. Cellica Nurrachadiana gave directions to all government agencies to participate in the arrangement of the river Citarum and succeed Citarum Harum program direct instructions from the father of President Joko Widodo.

    "I ask that these SKPD Heads participate in the arrangement of the Citarum River as well as the success of Citarum Harum program direct direction from the President", he said, Thursday (18/1).

    Furthermore, he also asked directly to the Head of LHK and DPMPTSP to take firm action against the companies that can not be invited to cooperate and can not manage the waste can be given strict sanction in the form of removal of business license and seal the company.

    "I want companies in Karawang regency to manage their factory wastes (especially those located along the Citarum river basin) not to waste the factory waste into the Citarum River", he asserted.

    Furthermore Regent Karawang explained, that in the meeting and socialization activities structuring Citarum river is not something else because in the meeting yesterday in Bandung, I was ordered directly by the President to immediately take action and succeed Citarum Harum program.

    Quote the order of the President of the Republic of Indonesia: "I ordered the entire ranks of the Government to immediately revitalize the Citarum River." Do not delay anymore ". Citarum is vital for the livelihood of the wider community because it is the longest and largest river in West Java Province. The arrangement of the Citarum River will be used as an example of watershed management in other areas.

    Target in the next seven years structuring the Citarum river must be completed. I ask all central and regional governments to work together from the preparation of the concept, implementation, to the supervision in the field and the key is in the integration of all ministries, institutions, central government, regional, provincial, district and city ". (Dien)

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