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    West Java Provincial Government Prepares 7 Acting Officers Before Concurrently Election


    BANDUNG- Regional Election Desk of West Java Province has made Guidance Mapping Head of Region, Deputy Head of Region, and Members and Chairman of DPRD nominating in Pilkada Serentak Year 2018 in West Java Province.

    Chairman of the Election Desk Jabar Iwa Karniwa said this mapping as a reference for the Government of Regency / City and Provincial Government in facilitating the administration of the Regional Head, Deputy Head of Region and Members of the DPRD nominating in elections Serentak Year 2018.

    "The guidelines have been socialized to the Governmental Section and the Secretariat of Regency / City DPRD at the meeting on December 7, 2017," he said in a coordination meeting of the Regional Head Election Serenade 2018 led by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Thursday (19/1).

    It noted that there were 19 Petahana Heads of Region / Deputy Regional Heads from 9 Districts and 6 Cities that ran for the 2014 Sergeant Election.

    It consists of 8 Regents (Tasikmalaya, Kuningan, Subang, Garut, Cirebon, Sumedang, Ciamis, and Purwakarta), 3 Vice Regents (Garut, Majalengka, and Ciamis), 5 Mayors (Cirebon, Banjar, Bogor, Bekasi, and Bandung) , and 3 Deputy Mayors (Bekasi, Sukabumi, and Bandung).

    "According to the Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Number 74 Year 2016, 19 petahana referred to have applied for leave of absence from state dependent (leave campaign) to the Governor of West Java," he said.

    This request according to him has been processed and will be given to the local government concerned on this occasion.

    "In addition, there will be seven districts / municipalities requiring Task Force (Plt.) From senior high-ranking officials of the Provincial Government or the Ministry of Home Affairs at the time the Regional Head and Deputy Head of Region undergo Campaign Leave," he explained.

    For 8 other districts / municipalities, only the Head of Region or Deputy Head of Region shall run in the 2014 Serial Election.

    "It is not necessary Plt but the Head of Region or Deputy Head of Region perform the duties and authorities as stated in Law No. 23 of 2014 on Regional Government," he said.

    Iwa who is also Secretary of West Java is ensuring his side has prepared a circular to the district / city to be neutral during the election round held. "I have already sent a circular letter, will be sent to the district / city," he said. (Even)

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