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    Governor Appealed Mass Media to Expose All Side


    CIAMIS REGENCY-Lately often happens from unrelated media-related media (cover bothside) in the information. Both parties should have balanced news. For that, the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) appealed to the information mass media that cover both sides even better if it can cover all sides.

    It was said by the Governor after the inauguration of the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) Ciamis Pangandaran, at the site Ciung Wanara Village Karangkamulyan, District Cijeungjing, Ciamis regency, Wednesday (17/1/2018)

    Governor of West Java advised PWI to become the motor of the right media because an information or news related two or more parties immediately answered the confirmation of unformed public opinion is not accurate.

    Do not make it tomorrow. Because the trigger someone has a bad perception when reading today's unbalanced news, "said Aher.

    The Governor also appealed to those who feel aggrieved by the news immediately to clarify or express their opinions when the matter of the news. In fact, not only the two parties are asked for opinions about a customer's compatibility would be better if there is another opinion so that the news is closer.

    "Compass journalists to present media facts are not legal factors because the relationship will be long after the police will follow up the matter in court," Aher explained.

    When there are various things that can be accounted for later to several parties related to two or more parties. Then it will be a media that increasingly evokes the news.

    According to Aher it turns out this news can bewit wrong or true. Historical facts proved that the media turned out to bring more facts that make people who read it more feel the sin of tentac. That's the fact since the world exists

    History records the times of the times of many poets who always bring untrue news. They create news that the very low truth levels are delivered at the time of their assemblies in the valleys even those things they do not do including those that do not know for certain.

    "But there are limits to believers, they must cover forgotten news or information," Aher said.

    Therefore, PWI is currently developing Tabayun journalism as a news media with full coverage with full responsibility. If a journalist will write the facts of the media but not yet complete the data may be better understood first before submitted to the reader because it will affect human affairs.

    "Seconds by second will be counted by the Almighty and in the hereafter there is a court that can not lie there and everything will be open," said Aher.

    The Governor of West Java added that there is someone who wants to face two things of salvation and destruction. Including journalists whose proffeses are listed in the Qur'an.

    "Therefore, in order for a report to make a reward, it must apply tabayun journalism, the news will not only cover both sides but must cover all sides," he concluded. (MAT)

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