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    Demiz Launches Communal Ipal Sanimas Tanjunganom Village


    CIREBON REGENCY-After inaugurating Kotaku in Jatiseeng Village, on his working visit to Cirebon this time, Thursday (18/1) Demiz also inaugurated the Communal Ipal and Pipeline Network of House Connection - Community Based Sanitation (Sanimas) Regular in RW 05 Getrak Village, Tanjunganom Village, Sub District Articleeman, Cirebon District, Thursday (18/1/1 8).

    This sanitation implements Ipal (Instalation Wastewater Treatment Plant), where the waste from the homes of citizens is channeled directly into the Communal Ipal. This Ipal can process waste water to be clean with biota or pollution level to below 30 milligrams per liter, so safe if flowed into the river.

    Demiz said, it is very important Sanimas is built in various areas. "Moreover, Tanjunganom Village is adjacent to Central Java Province, so we can improve the border villages so that the Central Government and West Java Provincial Government are very concerned about this 100-0-100 movement," said Vice Governor in his opening speech the inauguration of Sanimas Tanjunganom Village.

    "With this Sanimas, the environment of Dusun Getrak is now so clean that in the beginning the household waste is thrown away, septictank is on the side of the houses, but after this sanimas the environment here is clean, so it is regular," said Kuwu Village Head Tanjunganom in his speech.

    Sanimas aims to improve the coverage of 100% sanitation services, so that its target in 2019 will no longer be the people who defecate (BABS).

    During the period of 2011-2017, the construction of Sanimas Reguler has been implemented in 145 locations, spread almost in all regencies / cities in West Java. Total budget reaches Rp 58 Billion from APBN. In addition, there are also Sanimas IDB (Islamic Development Bank) starting from 2014 and until 2017 has been implemented in 107 locations spread over 4 (four) districts / cities in West Java, with a total budget of Rp 45.47 billion.

    To support efforts to accelerate the coverage of decent sanitation services in West Java, the West Java Provincial Government in 2015-2017 has also organized a similar program called Sabermas or Community Based Sanitation.

    For 3 years Sabermas has absorbed the budget of Rp 661.7 Billion sourced from the West Java Provincial APBD and has been implemented in almost all districts / cities. In fact, West Java Provincial Government was awarded the AMPL Award for Sanitation Development Acceleration Initiative category.

    Thus, the total budget that has been disbursed for decent sanitation development throughout West Java has reached Rp 765,175 Billion (sourced from APBN, IDB assistance, and Provincial APBD). Particularly in Kabupaten Cirebon, the construction of Sanimas Reguler has been realized in 2 locations, namely in Fiscal Year 2013 as much as 1 location in Pangarengan Village and in Fiscal Year 2017 as much as 1 location in Tanjunganom Village. While the development of Sabermas has been realized in Fiscal Year 2015.

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