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    100-0-100, Eliminating Environmental Movement


    CIREBON REGENCY-Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, inaugurated the Uncooked City Program (Kotaku) in Jatiseeng Village, Ciledug Sub-district, Cirebon Regency, Thursday (18/1/18). There are two working areas that become targets of slum eradication in Ciledug Subdistrict, namely in Jatiseeng Village and Sumber Kelurahan.

    Kotaku is a government program to eradicate environmental slums. West Java provincial government target in 2019 slum area will be lost. The program implements 100-0-100 movements. The first 100% of cities without slums can access clean water; Number 0, that is how to reduce slum area by 0 percent. And 100% second, my city is able to create good sanitation.

    "So that with 100-0-100, we hope to create a healthy society or family, so that if the community is healthy, it will create a good generation.Community can do any activity," said Vice Governor in his speech at the inauguration ceremony Kotaku Cirebon regency.

    "My town is very strategic because it determines the degree or level of public health and the level of public health is determined largely by the environment, and it is useless for free education if the community is not healthy, the people are not productive," he continued.

    Furthermore, the Vice Governor also revealed that the Government can not solve the problem of poverty and slum. For that, on this occasion he also invites all parties to cooperate in addressing the problem of slum areas. According to Vice Governor, the slums are not free from the waste problem.

    "Therefore, I ask all components of society to work together to eliminate the problem of slums around us both in the city and in the village," invited Vice Governor.

    There are a number of slum area problems in Kabupaten Cirebon, namely:
    1. 99% Residential building has no regularity;
    2. 99% Residential buildings have roofs, floors, walls do not meet technical requirements;
    3. 99% Residential areas are not served by adequate environmental road network;
    4. 99% The condition of the drainage network at the residential location has poor quality;
    5. 89% The community is not fulfilled water requirement of at least 60 liters / second / person;
    6. 89% Residential settlement building has no toilet (swan neck) connected to septic tank;
    7. 90% Domestic household waste in residential areas is transported to TPS / TPA less than 2 times a week; and
    8. 70% The settlement area does not have the availability of fire protection facilities / facilities.

    To support the realization of this Kotaku program objective, at the village / kelurahan level has been established Badan Keswadayaan Masyarakat (BKM). Since 2007-2017 in Kabupaten Cirebon has been formed 195 BKM, with the current number of volunteers who are actively involved as members of BKM as many as 2,535 people.

    Meanwhile, in 2015-2017, the infrastructure built in Cirebon Regency covers 20,260 meters of environmental road, 9,752 meters of drainage, 184 units of houses, 4 units of TPS, 16 units of MCK, 8,821 meters of sewerage channel (SPAL), and 13 unit Hidran.

    Jatiseeng Village is one of the villages that was touched by the Kotaku program. This is because the slum area in this village was originally 14.25 hectares.

    The funding of the Kotaku program in Jatiseeng village is sourced from the 1st stage collaboration program (2015) amounting to Rp 182.9 million, the 2nd stage collaboration program (2016) amounting to Rp 128.8 million, and the PLPBK 2017 program amounting to Rp 576.8 million so that for 3 years last Jatiseeng village has received assistance amounting to Rp 888.6 million.

    On this occasion, Vice Governor also expressed his gratitude and high appreciation to BKM Jatiseeng Sejahtera, along with six KSM, namely: KSM Asir Jaya, KSM Adil, KSM Sejahtera, KSM Swadaya, KSM Lagondi and KSM Makmur, who have successfully realized the construction of infrastructure in the settlement Jatiseeng Village.

    The construction of the settlement infrastructure, including:
    1. SPAL along 163 meters with 70 beneficiary families by KSM Asir Jaya;
    2. 20-meter SPAL with 86 beneficiary households by KSM Fair;
    3. 744 meter SPAL with 212 beneficiary beneficiaries by KSM Lagondi;
    4. 281 meters of concrete rebound road with 86 beneficiary households, by KSM Sejahtera;
    5. 311 meters of concrete rebound road with 117 beneficiary households by KSM Makmur;
    6. 260 meter drainage with 27 beneficiary families by KSM Swadaya;
    7. 410 meters of concrete rail road with 119 beneficiaries of KK Asir Jaya; and
    8. 447 meter long concrete rail road with 103 beneficiary families by KSM Lagondi.

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