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    Continuing Support Pangandaran, Aher Praised the Progress of Locally-Generated Revenue


    PANGANDARAN-Support continues to produce sweet, because the original revenue area (PAD) Pangandaran regency from the tourism sector alone has reached Rp144 billion or increased 7x compared before becoming independent district.

    "Once PAD Rp22 billion, after the district itself so Rp144 billion. This is spectacular thanks to the creation and innovation of the ranks of Pangandaran regency, "he said in Pangandaran, Wednesday (17/1/2018).

    According to him, his side from the beginning always encourage the new district. Especially with half the average funding support of many public facilities in Pangandaran. Among other 2017 budget year for hospitals Pangandaran and 9 puskesmas, half of which comes from the budget of West Java Provincial Government.

    Aher, greeting familiar, on Wednesday (17/1) is officially put the first Stone General Hospital District (RSUD) Pangandaran, in Pananjung Village Pangandaran regency.

    In addition, inaugurated also nine Puskesmas Building, one of them in Dusun Bojongkarekes Babakan Village Pangandaran. Also inaugurated the inauguration of 4 Foot Traders' Building (PKL) for former street vendors west coast and east coast of Pangandaran which amounted to 1300 traders.

    Aher deeply appreciates the Government of Pangandaran Regency which is more concerned with public services than the interests of the District Government

    "I appreciate Pangandaran regency who has been more aware of the public than others, until today Pangandaran Regency has not had a building, prioritizing the development of health centers, more concerned with hospitals, and the arrangement of street vendors," said Aher.

    Special structuring street vendors on the West and East Coast, Aher projected more tourists come. Because, they will eat, shopping, to buy gifts in a more representative location.

    Provided building up to three floors, so shopping no longer need in the shade of tents. Moreover, all street vendors can be accommodated so that tourism Pangandaran can be more advanced.

    "I think the early days will transition, but in Bali too, shopping souvenirs are not on the beach but there is a special area for shopping. Mr. Bupati also guarantee there will be no new street vendors, because there will be supervision Pol PP and Satgas Jaga Lembur, "he said.

    Aher specifically appreciates the Task Force of Overtime, a kind of Pecalang in Bali, which also present in Pangandaran, among others, maintain order from street vendors. This is supposed to be complementary with the official Satpol PP, but the Lembur Jamu Forces are more of a cultural and social approach.

    "So starting this January, people should know that Pangandaran beach area is free of street vendors. Please visit these attractions, West and East Coast really bener-bener now different, cleaner, orderly and beautiful, so please enjoy and do not forget to shop here, "he concluded.

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