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    West Java will Build Cluster B New Hospital


    PANGANDARAN, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan put the first stone Pangandaran Regional General Hospital in the village Pananjung Pangandaran. Hopefully, the hospital became one of the references of the people of West Java.

    Heryawan said West Java Provincial Government will build a Regional Hospital (RSUD) Pangandaran which belongs to the class B category is planned will be one of pride for the citizens of West Java.

    He mentioned when RSUD class B requirements have a land area of ??5 hectares then the Government District (Pemkab) Pangandaran also has prepared the same land area.

    "It seems to follow the development of hospital clusters compared with neighboring districts," said the Governor of West Java to reporters in the village Pananjung Pangandaran regency, Wednesday (17/1/2018)

    Governor of West Java appreciate the Government District (Pemkab) Pangandaran which has prioritized public facilities compared to other interests. Imagine, until now Pangandaran regency does not have a building but prefers Puskesmas. Even the land that should be allocated for the local government building is granted to the University of Padjadjaran (Unpad) Pangandaran.

    "Until today have not got the local government building but more priority puskesmas and hospitals including land which initially for the construction of the local government complex is granted to become Unpad Pangandaran," said Governor of West Java

    Kang Aher greeting Governor of West Java added Government should be holistic in the same land present central government, provincial and district governments pangandaran.

    "That is the presence of government in general to bring development in this region," he concluded (MAT)

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