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    Idrus Marham Inaugurated as Minister of Social Affairs


    BANDUNG-In a press release issued by the Deputy for Protocol, Press and Media Sector of the Presidential Secretariat on Wednesday (17/1), President Joko Widodo has appointed successor Khofifah Indar Parawansa as Minister of Social Affairs. This morning, Wednesday, January 17, 2018, the Head of State officially inaugurated Idrus Marham as the new Social Minister for the remaining term of office 2014-2019. The inauguration was held at the State Palace, Jakarta.

    Idrus Marham becomes a member of the Working Cabinet based on Presidential Decree Number 10 / P Year 2018 on Termination and Appointment of Minister of Social Working Cabinet of the Period of 2014-2019.

    This South Sulawesi-born man 55 years ago currently serves as Secretary General of the Golkar Party. He was also a member of the MPR in 1997 and a member of the House of Representatives for three consecutive periods beginning in 1999.

    After the inauguration, this doctoral degree of political science directly effectively replace Khofifah who decided to resign to go ahead in the election of governor of East Java 2018. Previously, Khofifah has submitted his resignation directly to President Joko Widodo.

    After the inauguration, the President told journalists that the experience possessed by Idrus Marham would be very useful in his leadership at the Ministry of Social Affairs. He mentioned that the Ministry of Social Affairs currently requires leaders who are able to inflate a very large task after Khofifah.

    "Mr. Idrus fits there," said the President.

    He also reminded the new Minister of Social to immediately prepare for heavy work in the Ministry of Social Affairs. One of them is the distribution of Family Hope Program (PKH) which is now targeted to increase in number.

    "The Ministry of Social Affairs is a lot, like now PKH is now jumping from 6 million to 10 million.It's a big job, not an easy thing.Then the distribution of rice is now partly moved to non-cash food aid, it requires an easy handling, "he said.

    Inauguration of other Country Officials

    Along with the inauguration of Idrus Marham as the Minister of Social Affairs, the Head of State also inaugurated Marshal Marsy Sutisna as Air Force Chief of Staff (KSAU) to fill the vacant position after the previous KSAU Hadi Tjahjanto was appointed as TNI Commander.

    The inauguration of the former Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force is based on Presidential Decree No. 2 / TNI Year 2018 on the Dismissal and Appointment of the Air Force Chief of Staff. He was also given a promotion one level higher than the previous Marshal Marshal became Marshal.

    On the occasion, the President also inaugurated two other state officials, namely Agum Gumelar as a member of the Consideration Board of President and General (Ret.) Moeldoko as Chief of Staff of President replacing Teten Masduki.

    Agum Gumelar who had served as Minister of Transportation in the era of Gotong Royong Cabinet was inaugurated based on Presidential Decree No. 12 / P of 2018 on the Appointment of Members of the Presidential Advisory Council. He replaced Hasyim Muzadi who died in March 2017.

    Moeldoko, who served as TNI Commander from 2013 to 2015, was inaugurated based on Presidential Decree Number 11 / P of 2018 on the Dismissal and Appointment of the Presidential Chief of Staff.

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