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    Aher Confirms Pangandaran Beach Free from street vendors


    PANGANDARAN-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said that as a form of mutual commitment, especially Pangandaran regency has been able to do a very good step where in coastal boundary both west and east coast have succeeded in curbing the traders of five men (street vendors).

    "We are grateful for our aspiration to build a world-class beach area that is not there and clean for tourism to be used so as to create comfort for local and foreign tourists began to be seen, but the curbing street vendors are not harming other parties," said Ahmad Heryawan told reporters on the beach Pangandaran, on Wednesday (17/1/2018).

    Provincial Government (Provincial) of West Java has prepared the relocation of street vendors in some new street markets. The four sidewalk markets have been able to accommodate around 1,300 PKL Pangandaran which has been spread in Pangandaran beach border.

    Aher hopes that in the future the location must be maintained not necessarily the emergence of new street vendors but supervised by overtime troops who routinely oversee the security and beauty of Pangandaran beach.

    "Security system will run more soft because it comes from the community by the community with cultural approaches such as Cakalang in Bali," said Aher.

    With supervision system by overtime guard force expected no longer found street vendors selling at Pangandaran beach.

    "Insya Alloh Pangandaran beach tourism will follow keunggulam Bali tour," he concluded. (MAT)

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