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    Aher: Pangandaran Locally-Generated Revenue Must Be Pilot for Another Area


    PANGANDARAN- West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan appreciated the Government Performance of Pangandaran Regency. The reason is the increase in local revenue (PAD) is quite high reached Rp 144 billion.

    Kang Aher greeting the Governor of West Java mentioned from the side of the formation of new autonomous region Pangandaran Regency is the latest can be said to beat other regions. For that achievement should be used as a pilot for other areas

    "We appreciate PAD Pangandaran jumped sharply, once only Rp 22 billion now increased to Rp 144 billion.This should be an example for other areas," said Governor Jabar told reporters at the Shopping Center Nanjung Endah Pangandaran regency, Wednesday (17/1/2018 ).

    The Governor hopes that the achievement will make Pangandaran Regency as one of the international tourism destinations.

    In addition, Pangandaran become a tourist attraction so as to encourage economic growth, especially improving the welfare of the community. One of them is the effort to relocate the street vendors (PKL) who have been on the edge of Pangandaran beach.

    "In the context of tourism that we will be able to improve the economy," said Aher.

    Aher optimistic with the relocation of street vendors in the area of ??parisiwata will have a positive impact because the street vendors will occupy the country so that the land can prosper the life of the community.

    "The government never misses the community but vice versa," he concluded. (MAT)

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