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    Discussing the KBU Draft Bylaws With the Legal Experts


    rBANDUNG-Special Committee I of West Java Legislative held a discussion on draft Amendment Regulation No. 1 of 2008 on controlling and using the northern Bandung land by the expert in Constitutional Law from Parahyangan University, Prof. Dr. Warlan Asep Yusuf, SH, MH in the Banmus Room, West Java parliament, Bandung, Tuesday (9/2).

    "A lot of input from Professor Asep Warlan about this KBU. According to him, these issues was not simple, because if it be made the spatial it will binding all parties, including government, society, and also entrepreneurs,” said committee member I West Java Parliament, Dr. Sunatra at the Parliament Building to jabarprov.go.id.

    Moreover the politicians from Gerindra Fraction of West Java Legislative expected that Raperda of KBU will able to provide insights on the spatial. KBU has been entered into the Provincial Strategic Area column (KSP) so that the draft law should be more detail.

    "It must be clear what the aspect in strategic area, is it in environment, economic or social aspects. These third aspect should be clear in the regulations,” he said.

    According to Sunatra, there are two important inputs from Professor Asep. First, KBU has a economic interests and also the environmental interests. Economic interests during this time has been read by the investors. They are more observant that KBU is potential for economic aspects, but it is contrary to the environmental aspects.

    "According to the environmentalists, KBU is very worrying because it is no longer be able to cultivate for the sake of economy. The region has been truly damage. Therefore this draft law should combine the two interests, economic interests and environmental interests, and including the interests of community social environment,” he said.

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