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    President Reviews Implementation of Labor Intensive in Tasikmalaya


    TASIKMALAYA-President Joko Widodo appreciated the implementation of the cash-for-cash program which has shown rapid development. The appreciation was submitted by the Head of State after reviewing the development of tertiary irrigation channel in Kersanagara Village, Cibeureum Sub-district, Tasikmalaya City, West Java Province, on Tuesday, January 16, 2018.

    "It's a week not yet but the progress is very fast," the President told journalists after the review.

    The development of the tertiary irrigation channel is one of the realization of the Cultivation Program implemented by the government through the Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing as well as involving the local community.

    "There are 190 people but paid differently, once a week" said the President.

    Furthermore, the President stated that the cash-for-cash program will add new jobs for the surrounding community. It is also recognized directly by one of the workers named Ade Syarif.

    "Before this farm so that's why this activity is so happy.

    Alhamdulillah. In addition to its usefulness for us, we also work for wages, "said the 45-year-old man Ade added that he and other workers began the construction of tertiary irrigation channels since Saturday (13/1) and with wages ranging from Rp60 thousand to Rp90 thousand per day.

    "The project is estimated if two months is insha Allah is completed," said Ade.

    Also present to accompany the President in the event are Minister of Public Works and Housing Basuki Hadimuljono and West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan.

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