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    Provincial Government Completes Geopark Ciletuh Infrastructure


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government is grateful Unesco has recognized Geopark Ciletuh as Unesco Global Geopark. Furthermore, the government should focus on improving infrastructure and community empowerment so that the Geopark can really feel the benefits by the surrounding community and the wider community.

    "14 Unesco's geopark recommendation is a moment to be grateful for not being so easy to recognize from Unesco while we are most optimally together, focusing on other needs like pariwsata," Deddy said at Gedung Sate, Tuesday (16/1).

    According to him, geopark in addition to education, conservation, economic involvement must be felt by the community. In addition to the infrastructure alignments for geopark.

    "The airport needs I think this is urgent because there is no toll toll road, while the toll in 2019 will only go to Sukabumi, while the Sukabumi regency needs airport," he said.

    According to him, with the airport in the geopark area will shorten the travel time, especially there BIJB that time will take just 1 hour.
    But, related to the location of this airport there are two options between in Cikembar or Citarate.

    "In addition to airport building, the surrounding area will be developed so there is a new development area," he said.

    For the value of investment, he said, has not appeared. But there are already some potential investors who are interested to build airports in Cikembar or Citarate. (Pun)

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