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    Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Human Rights Please Election Run with Dignity


    BANDUNG-The government mentioned that the implementation of regional head election has become one of the important agenda during 2018.

    Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menkopolhukam) Wiranto said that in the election, the legislative and presidential elections are expected to take place safely and peacefully.

    "It is now the political year, which means that the elections are part of our focus and as the Menkopolhukam expects that this political year can be carried out safely," Wiranto told reporters at Gedung Sate Bandung on Tuesday (16/1/2018)

    Wiranto said that the task of Menkopolhukam is to solve various political problems so that in the future they can conduct a dignified political process.

    According to him, it is important to do because it has an impact on public confidence in the government.

    "It is very important to do because public confidence in the government increases again when we can safeguard the national political activities well," said Menkopolhukam.

    Based on the election security indices issued by Bawaslu and the police, some areas still have potential for potential pilkada.

    In the security index, the regions are vulnerable, including areas with high potential for conflict.

    "It's already in our records, so from now we try to neutralize it," said Wiranto.

    He hopes, at the time of the election pilkada later the level of conflict is already lost. So the government is seriously guarding the election in dignity.

    Menkopolhukan mentioned several triggers of conflict election conflicts and then predicted various disturbances at polling stations (TPS) including during election campaign

    "The police have been working with Bawaslu to anticipate conflict-prone triggers," he concluded (MAT)

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