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    Food Task Force Monitors Rice Price


    BANDUNG-West Java Police Chief Inspector General Pol. Agung Budi said that the rising price of rice in West Java is of particular concern to the Jabar food team.

    He said the team task force West Java Police has been lowered the spaciousness, especially in areas that allegedly experienced an increase in rice prices are not reasonable.

    "The team has gone down, already a week down the field," he said on Monday (15/1).

    He said the food task force will monitor the areas that become food barns in West Java, but the price of rice in the area is quite high.

    "We have down to Garut. Anticipate whether there is a possibility of speculators who play, whether there is hoarding, "he said.

    According to him, the food task force will not play with speculators and rice hoarders. Because if caught, it will be directly in pidanakan. jo

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