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    Ketamine Smugglers Threatened 15 Years in Prison


    BANDUNG-Head of Regional Office of the Directorate General of Customs of West Java, Syaefullah Nasution said the perpetrators of smuggling NPP type ketamine as much as 1,970 grams taken through Husein Sastranegara-Bandung Airport for the purpose of Jakarta valued at Rp 4 billion can face up to 10 years in prison.

    Syaefullah mentions the perpetrators of the violation of Article 102 letter 9 of Law number 17 of 2006 on Amendment of Law number 10 of 1995 on Customs, with the threat of punishment in the form of imprisonment of at least 1 year and maximum 10 years, and a minimum fine of Rp50 million and maximum Rp5 billion

    "While Article 197 of Law Number 36 Year 2009 on Health, with the threat of punishment in the form of maximum imprisonment of 15 years and a maximum fine of Rp1, 5 billion," he told reporters in Bandung on Monday (15/1/2018)

    Syaefullah explains, smuggling NPP ketamine type is estimated social losses as many as 39,400 people will become a narcotic addict with the calculation of one gram ketamine can produce 20 ecstasy grains. In addition, there will be negative issues in people's lives such as crime.

    "Social disadvantages many people will become addicts, following the negative impact on social life of society with the emergence of criminal acts due to drug abuse," said Syaefullah.

    Efforts to smuggle the illegal psychotropic smuggling of Ketamine type shows that international narcotics network makes Indonesia as one of the big narcotics market and continuously make efforts to smuggle illicit goods to be circulated in Indonesia.

    This success is the real action of Bandung Customs and Polrestabes Bandung in order to combat the circulation of narcotics, psychoteopics and precursor in Indonesia.

    "This is done to protect and save people from illegal drug and drug abuse," he concluded. (MAT)

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