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    Panpel: Bobotoh Requested Orderly


    BANDUNG - Local Panpel (Panpel) of Bandung for the Cup The President asked for orderly bobotoh while witnessing the opening and the inaugural match of the President Cup at SOR Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA) Tuesday 16 January tomorrow.

    Chairman Panpel Bandung Budi Bram said, President Jokowi certainly open the President Cup. "We have confirmed confirmation that Mr. President will come tomorrow and open the pre-season football competition of the Presidential Cup tomorrow," he said on Monday (1/15).

    The committee will act decisively to the audience who has the potential to disrupt the opening and matching.

    "Come early and not be allowed to carry any dangerous items, if there is such a thing, we forbid entry to the stadium" he explained.

    For the inaugural match Tuesday afternoon tomorrow is Persib against Sriwijaya FC in the afternoon. While the night PSMS Medan against PSM Makassar.

    "Especially for the inaugural game tomorrow, we provide 30 thousand tickets from the total capacity of GBLA sebanyam 38 thousand". Bram concluded. (Even)

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