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    Governor Inaugurated Head of Sub-division of Senior High School / Vocational High School


    Governor of Inaugurated Head of Sub-division of Senior High School / Vocational High School
    2018-01-15 17:10:00 | NEWS 204 VIEWS 0 COMMENT | SOURCE: REP-ERA-RILIS HUMAS JABAR

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) inaugurated a number of Head of Administration Sub Division (TU) SMA / SMK, Pakuan State Building in Bandung, Monday (15/01/2017).

    The inauguration was carried out based on the decree of Governor of West Java number 82.2 / kep.48-bkd / 2018 on the appointment and transfer of Civil Servants in and from the position of structural administrative office in West Java Province government environment.

    "The inauguration this time, is the inauguration that completes the previous inauguration, where all SMA / SMK in West Java now already have officials kasubbag administration," said Gov. Ahmad Heryawan.

    Aher said that since 2017, since the transfer of senior high school / vocational high schools from regency / city to province, Tasububag TU / Echelon IV functionary officer in SMA / SMK to be responsible in administering the school administration.

    "It's an honor and appreciation, therefore, what's in front of us is hard work, how to manage school administration, especially finance to be organized, neat, in accordance with the science of accounting, and its utilization is accountable and transparent," said Aher .

    Aher further appealed to the Head of Sub Division to hold firm governance according to existing regulations. Then, he also stressed that the functional officials are not affected intervention that deviates from any party.

    "If there are people who suppress, reject, because in the future, when there is an examination, the review is related to the good of the administrative service, it is the headmaster of the school administration who becomes the main responsibility, besides the principal who has the task as the school leader," he said.

    In the context of Human Resource Development (HRD), civil state apparatus that is proprsional in general, it must be free from political intervention, clean from the practice of corruption, collusion, and nepotism, and able to carry out public services for the community.

    In addition, the apparatus must also be able to maintain the role as a glue of unity and unity of the nation based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution, which is the spearhead and the key to success in achieving achievements for the West Java Province.

    In particular, Aher also mentioned that he presented Kasubbag TU in SMA / SMK in West Java, not for biririsan, or caused overlapping authority with other school leaders, but to synergize with each other.

    "A good school comes with excellent teaching and learning activities, at the same time also present good administrative management," he said.

    Because the word Aher, good public service is, a necessity, so that the satisfaction of the service is increasing, for it needs to refresh the quality of human resources continuously.

    As for the Heads of TU SMA / SMK inaugurated are:

    -Hendra Sumantara, Head of Sub Division of TU SMK Negeri 13 Kota Bekasi
    -Samsudin, Kasubag TU SMK Negeri 3 Sukabumi
    -Entin Kartini, Head of Subdivision of TU SMK Negeri 1 Cipaku
    -Yudi Supriadi, Kasubbag TU SMK 3 brass
    -Cecep, Kasubbag TU SMA 1 Cipongkor
    -Deni Hendra, Sub-Head of TU SMA 1 Saguling
    -Abdul Azis, Sub-Head of TU SMA 1 Ciseeng
    -Uum Nurhayati, Head of Sub-division of TU SMA 1 Kawali
    -Agus Dedi Mulyadi, Kasubbag TU SMA 28 Garut
    -Faturohman, Sub Head of TU SMA 1 Sliyeg
    -Jojo, Sub-Head of TU SMA 1 Cikijing
    - Maman Suparman, Kasubbag TU SMA 1 Cigalontang
    - Sri Marlina Nurdiani, Head of SMA TU SMA 8 Bogor

    On the occasion, at the end of the activity, the Governor will also hand over the Increase of Extraordinary Promotion for Achieving civil servants in the ASEAN Civil Service Games (ACSG) event in 2015.

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