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    Customs Failure Smuggling Ketamine Worth Rp 4 Billion


    BANDUNG-Customs Officers Bandung and Polrestabes Bandung succeeded in thwarting smuggling efforts NPP type ketamine as much as 1970 grams brought through Husein Sastranegara-Bandung Airport for the purpose of Jakarta worth Rp 4 billion.

    Head of Regional Office of the Directorate General of Customs of West Java, Syaefullah Nasution explained, this action started from the analysis of one passenger by the Customs Officer of Bandung on Air Asia 02 172 Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Bandung (BDO) route, with initials BZ, male, Chinese citizen.

    At the Customs Declaration check, BZ only fills in the name field only. and look like confusion then the officer to check the luggage. Based on the results of the analysis of the prof / ing and x-ray image, the examination in depth.

    "On Wednesday, January 10, 2018, at 8:30 pm We conducted an examination of the perpetrators, from the x-Ray image there was an anomaly in the suitcase carried by the perpetrator," Syaefullah told reporters in Bandung on Monday (15/1/2018)

    Furthermore, at the time of the initial interview, AZ did not understand what the officer was asking because he could only speak in Mandarin. The officer then checked the baggage Bz and found clothes and large towels are pressed into the plastic.

    From the in-depth examination is known there are 4 (four) pieces of towel each of each 2 (two) pieces of towels on the sewing on the four sides, and after the stitches are opened found a white smooth crystals suspected of containing narcotics.

    Syaefullah disclose to the goods the initial inspection by using narcotest and show positive result is a group of psikotropika.Selanjutnya to ensure the contents of the powder, taken samples and conducted laboratory tests at the Center for Research and Identification of Goods (BPIB) Jakarta.

    "From the results of laboratory tests it is concluded that the test sample is ketamine," said Syaefullah.

    Ketamine is a synthetic compound that is usually used as an anesthetic drug both in animals and humans, is hallucinogenic and consumes one of ecstasy raw materials.

    He added the case development effort, Customs Bandung in collaboration with Polrestabes Bandung by doing control delivery. Implementation of control delivery from Bandung to Jakarta led directly by the Polrestabes Bandung.

    "Perpetrators and evidence of 1,970 grams of ketamine submitted to Polrestabes Bandung for further processing," he concluded (MAT)

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