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    West Java Police Appealed Bikers Campaign for Safety Driving


    BANDUNG, -West Java police appealed to members of the community of motorcycle lovers or known by the term Bikers to volunteer and examples for other riders so as to maintain safety on the highway.

    Wadirlantas Polda Jabar, AKBP Faizal revealed one form of discipline of society in a region can be seen in the routine of traffic. If the culture in a region is orderly then others will follow.

    "This is one of the indicators if migrants from outside Bandung come to see the motorists orderly then other motorists will follow," said Faizal told reporters recently

    Between the Police Service Raharja with the bikers have the same hobby must be reminiscent of each other. He also advised the bikers, if have the same hobby then the form of brotherhood will grow. At the same time when fraternity grows then that's where we have to remind each other.

    For that, as road users, the police continue to remind the motorists to remain alert and cautious while driving by obeying the signs of traffic signs and police.

    "I remind from the police please be careful not to accident, obey and follow all the instructions of the police pack on the highway," said Faizal

    With regard to Bandung Sea Bikers event. West Java Regional Police expressed his appreciation and hoped that similar activities will be held in some cities, even if it is possible to be conducted in several provinces in the country.

    "Incredible this event, from the Police of West Java hopes keep always cohesive, intertwine with the bikers," he concluded (MAT)

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