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    West Java Will Have Embarkation Hajj Pilgrims


    BANDUNG-International International West Java (BIJB) Kertajati in Majalengka District will be embarkation (departure) Hajj pilgrims 2018.

    Previously, the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo hope that BIJB can operate in 2018 because it can be used as a minimum embarkation for Javanese pilgrims of West Java. Together, the ministry of Religious Affairs also had the same hope that the airport can be embarkasi Hajj.

    "It means that West Java will have a haj embarkation, so the airport, plus the sign is used by the Ministry of Religious Affairs as the embarkation of Hajj in Indonesia to 3," Ahmad Heryawan told reporters at the Pakuan building on Friday (12/1/2018)

    Aher greeting Governor of West Java reveals the city of Bandung can also be used as haj dormitory. The reason, have a cool weather and to get to the airport Kertajati not so constrained to stay through the toll Purwakarta.

    So far the prospective hajj from Jabar always join together prospective hajj from Jakarta, with the code embarkation JKS. So if Kertajati Airport is used as a place of departure and return of Hajj, then West Java Province will have its own embarkation, separate from Jakarta.

    "Of course, the provision of embarkation of Hajj is the authority of the Ministry of Religious Affairs," he concluded. (MAT)

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