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    West Java is Ready to Implement ORI Dipteri February


    BANDUNG-West Java Health Service (Jabar) plans a diphtheria vaccination activity as a whole or ORI early February 2018.

    "The plan is on February 20, starting," said Kadinkes Jabar Dodo Suhendar, while accompanying Nila Moeloek Menkes review Biofarma, Saturday (13/1/2018).

    Currently, according to him is in preparation and waiting for diphtheria vaccine availability. The plan in West Java as much as 18 districts and cities will simultaneously implement this ORI.

    Minister of Health Nila Moeloek stated that during 2017, the outbreak occurred in 170 districts / cities and in 30 provinces, with 954 cases, with 44 deaths. In 2018 (up to January 9, 2018), there were 14 case reports from 11 districts / cities in 4 provinces (DKI, Banten, Jabar and Lampung), and no deaths.

    In 2018 there was no addition of districts / municipalities reporting outbreaks of Diphtheria. The latest data, there are 85 districts / municipalities from a total of 170 districts / cities that have not reported new cases. That means the outbreak in the 85 County District is said to be over.

    As is known, the expiry criteria for an outbreak are if no new cases are found during 2 longest incubation periods (plus the period of diphtheria transmission) since the last case report, so the outbreak status can be revoked after 4 weeks by the local government. Jo

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