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    Dede Yusuf: West Java Needs Additional Hospital Cluster A


    BANDUNG-West Java Province requires additional type or cluster hospital A. So far West Java has only one hospital cluster A namely Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS) Bandung.

    Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission IX Dede Yusuf said, for a region with a population of about 47 million people of West Java Province requires additional minimum two Type A. hospitals

    "It is currently for the province of West Java a new vertical hospital one RSHS Bandung.Sure in my opinion there should be additional," he told reporters in Bandung, Saturday (13/1/2018)

    Dede mentioned during this Hasan Sadikin Hospital every day to receive patients about 3,000 people. Thus, with the construction of a new Type A hospital, not all patients will be referred to RSHS.

    "So not all hospitals give referrals to RSHS because the capacity has been overloaded," said Dede.

    Former Vice Governor of West Java is added, the central government will prepare a budget for the construction of the hospital. As for the selection of the location of each area that must prepare it.

    "We could have prepared the budget but the region might be able to prepare the place," said Dede.

    He mentioned, the selection of A cluster hospital development location is no longer possible in Bandung. However, it should spread in several places in West Java such as, Pantura and East Jabar.

    "That's how the governor will propose to the central government," he concluded. (MAT

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