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    Aher Called Citarum Harum Bestari Program is Special


    BANDUNG-Citarum Harum Bestari Program is a continuation program to conserve the Citarum River. However, this advanced program is somewhat special because it involves all parties and directly coordinated clearly, even the Central Government gives special attention to this Citarum issue.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) explained that the central government will establish the division of tasks in the implementation process of Citarum Harum Bestari program. By involving all parties and having the duty and authority of each

    "Already there are duties and their respective functions such as in the Ministry also have their respective duties and some Directorate General of Ministry of Forestry, then in the Ministry of PUPR including BBWS there are duties as well as Provincial Government (Provincial) West Java and the ranks of the TNI and Police have their respective duties and functions -masing, "said Aher told reporters at the Pakuan building on Friday (12/1/2018)

    He revealed that the central government has appointed the Ministry of Marine Affairs to direct the implementation of this Citarum river conservation. While for the provincial level led by the Governor of West Java.

    "The commander in West Java is the Governor of West Java, not Aher.It means that later on June 13 in the future there is still a continuation that is responsible for this Citarum Harum Bestari program," said Aher

    Aher mentions the planning of all puhak already matured. For that, should be matured is planning togetherness.

    "I say that planning matters are very mature as prepared in Bappenas, the Ministry of LHK, BBWS and the Ministry of PUPR are also mature planning," said Aher

    With regard to the amount of budget required for conservation of this Citarum river program, the Governor of West Java has not been able to confirm it. However, he mentioned that the budget comes from various parties that support the program such as Pemprov, Regency / City and Ministry.

    "Yes, I do not know exactly the budget is sometimes combined - obviously, the funds come from the provincial government, regency / city as well as the ministry." Hopefully with this funding, God willing, Citarum problem can be solved, "said Aher

    In addition, another effort that must be done by all components of society is the movement does not throw anything into the river such as waste, including waste and others.

    "If it is done consistently, God willing we will come to clean Citarum," he concluded (MAT)

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