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    PT Biofarma Supply Vaccine to 50 Islamic Countries


    JAKARTA - A total of 136 countries have used vaccines from PT Biofarma, of which 50 are Islamic countries.

    This was conveyed by the President Director of PT Biofarma Juliman in Forum Merdeka Barat 9 (FMB9) titled "Immunization, Diphtheria and Antivaxin Movement" which took place at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemkominfo), Jakarta, Friday (12/1).

    "Biofarma is the only vaccine producer in Indonesia up to now, we are implementing high quality, our products have got WHO invesment," said Juliman.

    Nevertheless, as quoted from Bio Farma press release, PT Biofarma does not prioritize vaccine exports if it is in the country more needy, as currently where the Government is serious in dealing with Extraordinary Events (Disease Outbreaks) associated with Diphtheria.

    "We do not put export Biofarma into export and we delay export to UNICEF and bilaterally to provide vaccines domestically as soon as the needs increase we add working days, from five days to seven working days, specifically to provide domestic vaccines," Juliman.

    Juliman also ensure that before the vaccine produced PT Biofarma sold, will be tested first by the Agency of Drugs and Food (BPOM). If you have not received a certificate from BPOM, then the vaccine can not be sold.

    Also present as speakers include Health Minister Nila Moeloek, Secretary of Immunization Task Force IDAI Soedjatmiko, and Second Deputy Office Staff of President Yanuar Nugroho. (Even)

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