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    Jokowi: PR Government Should Move Faster


    BANDUNG-President Joko Widodo instructed the public relation was in the ministry and non-ministerial agencies to be more fast in response and providing information. Especially the achievements and discoveries of government policy.

    "Do not reverse and I do not want to heard that community feel difficult to meet the Public Relation. In fact, we must look for the community to provide information," said the President at a meeting with the public relations Ministry and non-ministry, state-owned enterprises at the State Palace on Thursday 4 February 2016.

    It thus stated President Jokowi as the content of the release issued by the Communications Team of President and the governmental public relations coordinating board [Bakohumas] received jabarprov.gi.id, Friday (5/2) afternoon.

    Further, the president said that what the government and state enterprises have been worked with the helter-skelter not be communicated to the public. "How will people know? Just inform what has been done, by using the new ways of delivering information, and leave the old patterns,” said Jokowi.

    Especially in an era where information flow is very fast and dynamic. The government needs to take advantage of social media channels. People want to see the present of government to overcome the problem.

    The president gave an example during a bomb blast incident on a few weeks ago. The response at the time was very good indeed. "People are not afraid, and keep on moving," said the President.

    The joint effort as it was very necessary. The President explained that the main objective of the terrorists is to cause fear. "Once there is a statement that the people are not afraid, it was appreciated both at domestic and abroad. Especially the speed of military, police and the community," said the President.

    To that end, the President also requested that the PR has to move faster and more sensitive in providing information to the public. “Aside the sectoral ego, and bring the priority of togetherness and synergy. Do not just focus on the problems existed in the ministry," said the President.

    In the agenda setting, PR Government should make a clear agenda framing. We must framing the news in various media in the positive context of Government image. We strengthen the integration and synergy to build this agenda setting.

    Moreover, the President reminded that we are now entering the era of rivalry and competition. Competition faced is the competition between states "What is the last goal to be achieved? Do we want a trust of the community and the world?” asked the President.

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