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    RZ and Bank DKI Help Tasikmalaya Earthquake Victims


    BANDUNG-A total of 6 units of cars handed by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan the head of Polda Metro Jaya received by Polda Metro Jaya Wakapolda Brig. Purwadi Arianto, in Pakuan State Building Jl. Otista No. 1 Bandung, Friday afternoon (12/1). The six units of the car as an aid West Java provincial government to the ranks of Polda Metro Jaya.

    "Yes, we know that three areas in West Java, namely Bekasi, Bekasi and Depok are included in the jurisdiction of the Jakarta Police, so they are responsible for the security of the three locations, so it is appropriate that we also assist their operations in the form of vehicles "Aher said.

    6 units of vehicles for police operations that type consists of 4 units of Kijang Inova and 2 units of Toyota Fortuner, and the sixth is the latest series.

    According to Aher, in the near future the car will be used in securing Pilkada in walayah Depok and Bekasi.

    "Especially in the near future they need operational vehicle for electoral security there, then continued Pileg and Pilpres 2019 later" said Aher.

    Still in the year 2018 West Java provincial government will also hand over 100 units of motor vehicles to the Polda Metro Jaya. (Even)

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