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    Next Week, Candidate Pair Health Inspection Result Submit to General Election Commision


    BANDUNG -The results of physical, spiritual, and drug-free physical examination Will Candidate Couple (bomalon) Governor and Vice Governor of West Java will be submitted to the KPU, Tuesday 16 January 2018.

    This was stated by the Chairman of the Examining Team as well as the Managing Director of Medical Service of Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Dr. Nuki Nursyamsi, shortly after completing his duty at RSHS Bandung, Thursday afternoon (11/1/2018).

    According to Nuki, this year's governor's examination of basslon is more complete than the 2013 pilgub. The investigation involved 14 specialists and sub-specialists, totaling 27 doctors, 30 nurses, 45 psychologists, 10 experts from BNN and 50 other support personnel.

    "This year the inspection team is more complete than Jabar 2013 pilgub," said Nuki.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of IDI, Dr. Eka Mulyana confirmed that the examiner team needed time to conclude the health condition of basslon. He mentioned the decision will be set in a plenary meeting of 15 January 2018.

    "While the decision will be set and submitted to the KPU Jabar dated January 16, 2018," said Nuki.

    Related health criteria that can abort basslon, he calls the term inability to work or disability. "The criteria are many, one of them is disability," he concluded (MAT)

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