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    N219 Production of PT DI Interested to Air Ambulance


    BANDUNG-Aircraft N219 production PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI) in demand by the Provincial Government of North Kalimantan (Kaltara) to be used as an air transport vehicle for health, or an air ambulance.
    The interest was conveyed by the Governor of North Kalimantan Irianto Lambrie who came with the Vice Governor of North Kalimantan Udin Hianggio and local parliament, Friday (12/1) in the office of PT DI Bandung.
    "First the intention is to improve services to people in the border and inland, then for health services", said Irianto Lambrie, Governor of North Kalimantan.

    According to the geographical conditions that many also make the need for transport aircraft is very urgent. So one of the destinations to purchase N219 Nurtanio aircraft because it wants to accelerate the development and welfare of people in North Kalimantan which until now 70% of its territory is a forest area and this area is relatively left behind from many other areas in Kalimantan.

    The Governor plans to buy 1 (one) unit of N219 IPTN, even if possible to buy two to three units of N219 Nurtanio aircraft which will be used as semi-commercial aircraft that will be managed by local BUMD in order to cooperate with Indonesian airlines or privately-licensed .

    "This is a manifestation of my sense of pride as Governor of North Kalimantan for the production of the best son of the nation that should be appreciated and appreciated, therefore the province of North Kalimantan became the first province to buy this plane", added Irianto Lambrie.

    N219 aircraft itself is still in the stage of flight testing and waiting for certificates to be mass produced.

    "We will still continue to finish until the end of this year up to 350 hours of flying. But not just with one product development, because it will be at the end of February, a product development to accompany it to meet 350 hours of flying, "said PTDI President Director Elfien Goentoro. jo

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