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    Indramayu is Pilot Farmers Entrepreneurship Service


    INDRAMAYU-SOE's encourages farmers' entrepreneurship through the digitization of agricultural systems and corporatization. It is intended to improve the welfare of farmers. Indramayu District was also used as a model for the implementation of the entrepreneurship services.
    Minister of SOE, Rini M Soemarno said, there are 11 total areas in West Java that will undergo the program. In addition to Indramayu District, other areas include Karawang, Majalengka, Ciamis, and Cianjur.
    "Sliyeg Sub-district, Indramayu Regency is a pilot project (for farmers' entrepreneurship program)," said Rini, while attending the inauguration of Sliyeg Farmers Entrepreneurship followed by Rice Planting in Sliyeg Sub-district, Indramayu Regency, Thursday (11/01/2018).
    Rini explains, in District Sliyeg there are 14 villages with the number of farmers who reached about 7,000 people and the land area of ??4 384 hectares. In each village, there are BUMDes so there are a total of 14 BUMDes in Kecamatan Sliyeg. At the sub-district level, a Mitra BUMDes Bersama (MB B) of Sliyeg Sub-district was established.
    According to Rini, various state-owned companies become shareholders of the MBB Sliyeg. The state-owned enterprises have been instrumental in assisting farmers since before planting, planting, harvesting and post-harvest, according to their respective tupoks.
    "Through farmers' entrepreneurship services and the digitization of agricultural systems, it is expected to improve the productivity of food and the welfare of small farmers," Rini said.
    As is known, the digitization of agricultural systems initiated by PT Telkom and launched since March 2017 was done through four stages. Ie pre-planting with the application of farming insurance and business credit people. This is a manifestation of synergy of PT Jasindo, PT Askrindo and Himpunan Bank Negara (Himbara).
    Until the second phase of the planting stage is done with the provision of seeds, fertilizer distribution, and assistance which is a synergy of PT Pupuk Indonesia, PT Pertani, PT SHS and PT PNM. The third stage which is the harvest stage is done by storing the harvest and warehouse receipt from PT Pegadaian.
    While the fourth stage of post-harvest. That is done with the sale and distribution of farm produce which is a form of synergy of Bulog and PT Pupuk Indonesia.
    In the same occasion, the Regent of Indramayu, Hj. Anna Sophanah said, local governments continue to encourage farmers to maximize the system of agricultural digitization and entrepreneurship of farmers. The reason, there are many benefits that can be felt by farmers.
    "In addition to facilitate, will also speed up administrative services and businesses related to farmers or agriculture," said Anna. (Aa DENI / Communication and Informatics Office of Indramayu Regency)

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