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    Aher Wants All Peoples Can Access Health Services


    DEPOK- After inaugurating Maternal and Child Hospital (RSIA) Brawijaya in Sawangan Depok City, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) requested that all hospital services and facilities can be accessed by all levels of society, especially the middle class.

    Aher hope, people can not afford to not hesitate to go to a hospital that has adequate facilities or international standard. By using BPJS or Kartu Indonesia Sehat (KIS) all the community can go to any hospital because the medical cost has been borne by the government.

    "Please all the community anywhere can go to any hospital, the cost is government responsibility by carrying cards BPJS or KIS," said Aher, Thursday (11/01/2018).

    According to him, any category of hospitals can certainly serve patients BPJS because it has become a legislation that should not be violated.

    "This is a rule and can not be violated because it has become a rule of law, that's for sure, whatever type of hospital including middle to upper category must serve the community can not afford," he said.

    Aher revealed, currently in Indonesia, especially in West Java there are many hospitals with international standard. For that society to make the best use without having to seek treatment abroad. From the data he has, over 5 billion US dollars of foreign exchange is spent on medical expenses abroad.

    "Up to now More than 5 billion dollars of foreign exchange has been spent on treatment abroad, it is not necessary because many doctors and quality facilities in Indonesia are not inferior to Singapore, Malaysia Taiwan and others," Aher said.

    Like RSIA Brawijaya Depok which has quite complete facilities. According to him, it is very appropriate that the hospital stands in the area of ??Sawangan Depok, because the area is mostly inhabited by productive age, especially mother and child. In the region there is also a significant increase of young couples compared to the region around the capital.

    "Hopefully this RSIA adds energy to the people of Depok to be able to improve their health status RSIA is very important because the growth of children is very determining the future of the nation," he said.

    "God willing, this will be part of the way the government of Depok to improve the health status of the community," said Aher.

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