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    The Target of One Hundred Thousand Entrepreneurs Has Been Overtaken


    BANDUNG- To be a developed area, in theory at least four percent of the population is engaged in entrepreneurship. Adagium is what inspired West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan to advance West Java. He proclaimed in Printing a hundred Thousand New Entrepreneur in 2014 ago. At that time, in West Java, there were only two percent of entrepreneurs from the total population.

    The target, according to the Governor Regulation No. 58 of 2014 on the Printing Guide One hundred Thousand New Entrepreneurs, each year can produce 20,000 new entrepreneurs. Thus, it is expected that by 2018 the number of 100,000 can be achieved. The gubernatorial regulation was then amended by Pergub No. 79 of 2015 to provide more guarantee and certainty of community existence in developing new entrepreneurs.

    In fact, until the end of 2017, the achievement of the number of new entrepreneurs has exceeded the target. Based on data from the Department of Cooperatives and SMEs West Java Province until 2017, recorded 129,191 new entrepreneurs in West Java. The number of new entrepreneurs is fully recorded by name, address, and type of business. The number is certainly increased because the year of registration of participants of this program in 2018 just started.

    "We continue to invite creative and innovative young people to join entrepreneurs in West Java in the Printing of One Hundred Thousand of this New Entrepreneurship. Young people, do not be afraid to be rich. Present two traits in one figure, rich and taqwa. Because there is no conflict between devotion and wealth in religion, "said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan with eagerness.

    According to the graduate of agriculture economics graduate from the Bogor Agricultural Institute, this 100 Thousand Entrepreneurial Printing program will deliver the dreams and aspirations of young people in West Java to become a reliable, productive and professional entrepreneur. "Because in the program, we conduct training, internship, and mentoring mentoring," added Kang Aher, calling Ahmad Heryawan.

    The enthusiasts need not be complicated to register, simply register online at www.wirausahabarujabar.net. Registration is open January 1-February 1, 2018. After that, candidates who pass the verification of administrative completeness will be announced on the same page on February 7, 2018 to further follow the test online. Test will be conducted 14-16 February 2018.

    Announcement to pass an online test to follow the interview was announced on February 20, 2018. While the interview was conducted on 21-27 February 2018. Participants who qualify will attend training and internship in March s.d December 2018. While business assistance in June s.d December 2018.

    "Through this Thirty Thousand Entrepreneurial Printing program, the target growth of the number of entrepreneurs in West Java to 4 percent Insha Allah can be achieved. It is difficult to pursue Singapore which reached 8% of entrepreneurs, "said Governor of West Java.

    Head of Department of Cooperatives and SMEs of West Java Province, Dudi Sudrajat revealed, after receiving training, apprenticeship and mentoring assistance, the newly educated business actors are also facilitated in terms of marketing. Offline offline at Ciroyom Market, and online at beliaja.id.

    "It has exceeded the target, but it's like we are just planting trees. To continue growing needs care. The APBD we have is just enough to plant. Therefore, the Governor proclaimed Jabar Masagi. The academic term Pentahelix, need academic cooperation, business, community, government, and media, "said Head of KUMKM Provincial Office Jabar Dudi Sudrajat.

    The benefits of becoming a new entrepreneur is felt right by the participants. According to Hanna Rosalina from Purwakarta Regency, the activity is very useful. "As a beginner in the field of fashion, this training provides motivation and a lot of knowledge that I can apply," said the 2017 trainee.

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