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    Seriously Handle Victims of Pedophil Pornography, P2TP2A Cooperate with Three Agencies


    BANDUNG-Integrated Service Center for Women and Children Empowerment (P2TP2A) West Java Province cooperates with three provincial and municipal government agencies, West Java Provincial Education Office, Women's Empowerment Agency for Child and Family Planning (DP3AKB) West Java Province and Bandung Social Service Office . This coordination was built as a form of P2TP2A seriousness in handling cases of pedophilia pornography in Bandung.

    This is stated directly by the Chairman of P2TP2A West Java Netty Heryawan, when met at his official home in Pakuan Building Bandung, Wednesday (10/01/2018). Netty revealed, several things that have been submitted have been agreed to be distributed in the form of division of labor.

    For Dinsos Bandung, Netty asked to work with social workers in advocating families, especially the children of the perpetrators. In addition, said Netty, advocacy is also needed for the surrounding community to avoid doing negative stigma and prevent anarchic acts against the perpetrator's family.

    "Surely his son (son of a perpetrator) is abandoned because his mother is thrown into prison, do not let the children have other social problems," Netty said.

    "People in the neighborhood should also be advocated not to do negative stigma and not to act as anarchist as labeling, and all should realize this is our problem together, and everyone should play their respective roles," he continued.

    Meanwhile, to DP3AKB Jabar, Netty asked to explore the institutions owned by the Social Service of West Java Province, such as children's homes in Ciumbuleuit Bandung, in Subang and Cileungsi Bogor, as well as Bina Bangsa boarding school in Lembang, to design efforts to build the period in front of the victim after undergoing trauma healing and advocacy in shelter P2TP2A. "We may not return to his house, especially with his mother now facing the law," Netty said bluntly.

    Furthermore, Netty relies on the Special Education Service Unit of the West Java Education Office, dedicated to children in conflict with the law, children in conflict areas, and dropping out of school. Netty assess, in order to meet the rights of teaching the victims, Special Education Services should design the child's education design in such a way, so that the child comfortable to follow the learning process. Netty guarantees that the cost of education of the victims will be the responsibility of the government.

    "Approximately the facilities owned by the provincial government, which makes it possible to become the next place after being finished in P2TP2A which one is clear we want the right to teach we can still fulfill," said Netty.

    Victims Condition Tends Stable

    Since starting to be deposited to the P2TP2A office on Saturday (06/01), the condition of the three victims tends to be stable. They still reveal the sides and general nature of children, such as cheerful, willing to tell stories, also playful.

    Netty said that psychologists have made a series of activities to help the victim's adaptation process become more comfortable. Therefore, Netty severely limits and minimizes casual interaction with colleagues from bureaucratic and other elements, except for psychologists and volunteers within the P2TP2A.

    "I noticed that they are very excited," Netty concluded.

    "Last I went home (from monitoring P2TP2A shelter) Monday afternoon, they were singing with the psychologist.There are sentences like 'tomorrow wake up prayer ya, deal!', 'Do not forget to clean up the bed yes, deal!' sort of agreement, build order, including introducing the concepts of personal hygiene, "he said.

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